beauty brands that care

There are so many plastic alternative or refillable options out there. Here are just a few to get you started…



WE ARE PARADOXX was founded by Yolanda Cooper in 2019 to offer high performance, natural, vegan and cruelty-free hair and body care. Not wanting to contribute to the plastic pollution crisis, WE ARE PARADOXX is housed in infinitely recyclable aluminium and is 90% plastic free. 



Vanderohe only use recyclable and biodegradable products in our packaging, avoiding any plastic use where possible – the bottles are made from recyclable Miron glass; a unique, dark violet glass that uses the science of biophotonics to maintain and prolong the potency of the ingredients.



KANKAN is a good looking, plastic free brand challenging and changing the way people use personal care products. In short, they put soap in cans. Natural, vegan, free from nasties, filled with nourishing botanicals. For hand, body and baby. One tree is planted for every can sold via One tree planted.



Founded by Ben Grace, SBTRCT Skincare is high performing, sustainable, solid skincare. The award winning, 100% plastic free skincare brand offers vegan and palm oil free solid bar cleansers and moisturisers that mean your skin doesn’t have to compromise for the environment.



Nutritionist formulated, naturally cherry flavoured beauty gummy supplements that target glowing skin, stronger hair and healthy nails. This 100% plastic free beauty supplement brand offers beautiful, refillable (and reusable) aluminium packaging.



On a mission to create the most effective, natural and sustainable beauty products in the world, Beauty Kitchen is the plastic free personal care brand that pioneered the ‘Return, Refill, Repeat Programme’, where they wash and reuse packaging to cut out recycling.



Sasstainable’s mission is to provide eye-catching products that are handy, ethically made, and environmentally friendly. They aim to rebuild and conserve the earth’s natural resources by replacing eco-destructive products with attractive and sustainable alternatives.



In pursuit of a planet positive beauty regime, Circla provides a curated selection of personal care products and brands that are kinder to your body and the planet. Everything can be refilled as needed to help save our planet from single use plastic.



Tabitha Eve’s packaging is entirely plastic-free and compostable. Orders are shipped in recyclable and compostable packaging, sealed with recyclable paper tape and where possible they use recycled boxes, too.



A Beautiful Weirdo™ Eco Glitter is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic based glitter. It has been developed to help tackle the part glitter plays in microplastic pollution as microplastics last forever.



Tan Organic combines organic products with the aim of getting that all important streak-free tan with successful results. They use wonderful ingredients in their products such as aloe vera, caramel, beetroot and sugar and use natural and inert packaging such as glass. Unlike plastic, glass cannot allow chemicals to leak through and mix with the products. 



Around 730 wipes are used by the average make-up user every year! In addition, it takes around 100 years for a make up wipe to decompose. Face Halo replaces this damaging plastic pollution and is recyclable after it’s run its course!



Zao Make-Up imagines and develops formulas as achieved and sensorial as conventional cosmetics, while respecting nature and your health. The Zao Make-Up team created quality makeup products with ethic and passion, based on the principles of sustainable development.



Antipodes® is a Scientific Green Beauty company from New Zealand that uses pollution-free, results-driven native New Zealand ingredients in its award-winning plant-powered vegan beauty™ and certified organic premium skincare range.



Beauty Kitchen are B Corp certified since 2017. They use sustainable packaging and encourage customers to refill and reuse their products in a bid to end excessive plastic usage in the beauty industry.



Made using environmentally friendly materials and processes. Truthpaste uses zero waste and recyclable packaging, sustainable ingredients, and organic where possible. They also ensure that farming and production of their ingredients causes no harm to the planet.



Bamboo Mamboo manufacture bamboo straws and other products with minimal, or better, no plastic. They consider themselves an socially responsible company with a mission of facilitating change to more environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic for both individual and businesses worldwide. 



Your Nature is a company that designed organic, natural deodorant sticks in Bristol, UK. They source ingredients from ethical suppliers and design recyclable, plastic-free packaging. They are vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable.