6 Sustainable Swaps In Your Beauty Regime

> Bamboo Toothbrush

One of the easiest swaps to make is to use a sustainable bamboo toothbrush instead of a single use plastic one. They last about 3 months — which is the same as a conventional toothbrush! When you’re finished, you can add the toothbrush to your compost as it’s biodegradable. 

> Plant Power

Make a conscious effort to embrace products that are made with natural, organic ingredients. If we use products with synthetic chemicals, they have the potential to harm animals and plants with which they come into contact. Should they seep into the ground, they could have dire consequences on surrounding ecosystems. 

> Deodorant

There are lots of options when it comes to deodorant — solid bars, refill pouches etc, but really it’s all preference. In total, the deodorant industry produces over 15 million pounds of plastic waste each year. 

We recommend alternatives like Wild Refill or We Love The Planet. 

> Ditch the wipes

Makeup wipes are a huge culprit in the single-use plastic problem. The average makeup wipe takes a staggering 100 years to decompose. It can be the easiest change to make, that will make the biggest difference! Reusable options like Face Halo or Bamboo Cotton Pads are a great alternative.

> Refills

Refill it! So many brand are jumping on the sustainable bandwagon, working hard to create refills so that we can reduce plastic waste. In our bathrooms specifically, only 52% of us recycle — so it’s definitely time we changed that. Refills can often be cheaper and allow you to maintain the same aesthetic, without costing the Earth.

Sign the plastic free beauty pledge today, click here! 

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