3 Sustainable One Stop Shops

Starting your sustainability journey can be hard, we know! But a great tip we have to those starting their sustainability journey, is to have a one-stop sustainable shop that you love. This makes it much easier to navigate your journey and means you always have sustainable options at your fingertips.

What is this term we’ve coined a “one stop sustainable shop?” 

Well, this term actually just refers to a retailer who offers sustainable alternatives across multiple different markets — so you won’t have to go to one website for your shampoo + another for your kitchen sponges! They just make life easier. And for that, we love them. 

There are many answers to our sustainable prayers now, but here are a few of our favourites:


Wearth was founded in 2017, with the aim of making easier to shop and live more consciously. From beauty, zero waste, homewares fashion to gifts, Wearth now bring together over 250 independent UK brands that make contemporary products made in an eco-friendly and ethical way. 

Eco Vibe 

In mid-2018, a group of friends from Leeds were talking about how we all felt similarly frustrated by the growing plastic crisis. They set out to create EcoVibe as a clear, honest place people could easily find truly eco-friendly alternatives. 

My Little Eco Shop 

MY LITTLE ECO SHOP in January 2020 with the purpose of bringing affordable eco-options to the market. When making the switch to eco products, they were shocked at the prices for sustainable products. They wanted to therefore create a shop that sourced the best eco products we could find that were affordable and minimalistic. Their mission is to create a minimalistic collection of eco-products that don’t push consumerism through greenwashing but instead host a collection of bare essential eco products that are fairly priced for consumers. 


To begin your plastic-free journey, sign our pledge today! Click here to sign up!

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