Plastic Free Beauty Day is back for a third year running on June 17th 2021 with a vengeance against plastic usage by the beauty industry. Founded by Yolanda Cooper of WE ARE PARADOXX, Plastic Free Beauty Day is a day dedicated to challenging the use of plastic packaging in the beauty products we buy.

It is a call to take action against the overdependence on plastic by beauty brands. This year sees a big education drive in partnership with the British Beauty Council and Ocean Generation to inspire and inform retailers, brands, consumers and media through an engaging education-led webinar with industry experts and leaders, who have the knowledge and ability to inspire, create awareness and instigate real industry change.

A week ahead of Plastic Free Beauty Day, on Friday 11th June at 11.30am, a 30 minute webinar with 10 minute live Q&A session will be hosted by Yolanda Cooper, alongside Millie Kendall, CEO of the British Beauty Council, Daisy Kendrick – leading sustainability expert from Ocean Generation and Ben Proctor, Director of On Repeat – an innovative packaging solution launching this June. All will be available for interview prior to and following the webinar.

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The webinar will cover topics including; 

  • Why is it important that the beauty industry specifically should play an active role in the world’s global sustainability efforts?
  • Is being “green” a USP or is it becoming a new-normal baseline standard?
  • Green-washing in the beauty industry – what brands should consumers trust and how do they spot pretenders?
  • Tangible advice for those wanting to become more environmentally conscious.


Consumers are demanding a change from brands;

  • 73% of UK consumers want to live more sustainably.
  • 69% of consumers want to reduce their plastic consumption – the number 1 sustainability priority.

Our ecosystem can’t sustain our current behaviours around plastics;

  • Only 5% of the world’s plastics are recycled effectively – 40% end up on landfill and a third in fragile ecosystems such as the ocean.
  • 90% of us recycle regularly in the kitchen but only 52% recycle from our bathroom.
  • Recycling aluminum saves 95% of energy required to make it in the first place. 
  • Only 9% of all plastic ever made has actually been recycled! In comparison 75% of aluminium is still in use today.


Yolanda Cooper, Founder of Plastic Free Beauty Day and WE ARE PARADOXX

Yolanda Cooper is a leader in sustainable beauty and passionate about ethical sourcing, clean formulations and sustainable packaging. Yolanda’s company, WE ARE PARADOXX, is the ‘cool & clean’ sustainable beauty brand with a cult following thanks to its edit of natural, vegan and high performance hair and body products

A self proclaimed ‘accidental activist’, Yolanda developed her collection in eco-conscious, plastic-free packaging. Her mission to rid the beauty world of unnecessary plastic led her to launch Plastic Free Beauty Day in 2019 – a day each year on June 17th dedicated to educating beauty brands, retailers and consumers on the perils of plastic pollution.

Millie Kendall, CEO of The British Beauty Council

CEO of the British Beauty Council, retail maven and brand creator, Millie Kendall has been instrumental in the success of cult brands including Shu Uemura, Aveda, Tweezerman, L’Occitane and Ruby & Millie. Having worked with the UK’s leading retailers, Millie has been creating and marketing beauty brands for the past 30 years. Millie was awarded an MBE in 2007 for her services to the cosmetic industry.

Daisy Kendrick, Sustainability Expert from Ocean Generation

Ocean Generation is an inclusive global movement that exists to restore a sustainable relationship between humanity and the Ocean. Ocean Generation see a world where the Ocean is freed from human threats within a generation. They are empowering an inclusive global movement to tackle Ocean threats through science and storytelling.

Ben Proctor, Director at On Repeat

On Repeat is a B2B service, offering beauty brands a bespoke, zero waste packaging and fulfilment solution to supply refills to their customers. The beauty industry makes 120 billion units of plastic packaging yearly and over 90% of that isn’t recycled.On Repeat has developed an innovative eco-conscious and zero waste refill solution for beauty brands who care about their impact on the planet. They follow developments with the latest in bioplastic technology, and are in conversation with local authorities and waste management facilities to ensure the packaging you received today can either be composted, or recycled and repurposed to build a circular economy. All of which is designed and made in the U.K.

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