Plastic Free Beauty Day 2021

Founded on June 17th, 2019 by ‘accidental activist’ Yolanda Cooper to challenge the beauty industry on its over-dependence on plastic and increase awareness of plastic pollution, Plastic Free Beauty Day is back and bigger than ever in 2021. Plastic Free Beauty Day exists to educate beauty brands, retailers and consumers on the serious impact plastic pollution is having on our environment. The non-profit campaign focuses on reducing plastic pollution caused by the beauty industry as a whole.

Our goal for 2021 is to make ‘Plastic Free Beauty’ a shoppable category on all major online retail platforms. Like Vegan Beauty, Cruelty Free Beauty, Natural and Organic Beauty, we believe consumers deserve and desire the opportunity to shop ‘plastic free’.

We are asking brands to implement a ‘Plastic Free Beauty’ category or filter criteria within their online beauty shop. We recognise that there is a lack of alternatives to plastic dispenser pumps / lids / droppers etc and so these can be made of plastic. 

The Plastic Free Beauty category and the brands within it will have the usage of our ‘Plastic Free Beauty’ approval stamp to signify their efforts to choose alternatives to plastic packaging.

Why is this important? 

Consumers are demanding genuine change from the beauty industry and our world cannot survive if we continue to depend on plastic packaging. Google searches for ‘How to live a sustainable lifestyle’ increased by over 4550% during an 90-day period in April 2021. Google searches for sustainable beauty are +300% (Google Trends).

Our Charity Partner

Ocean Generation are experts on plastic pollution and use their platform to educate schools and businesses, supporting sustainability and a reduction in the use of plastic. They focus their efforts on prevention techniques to avoid plastic reaching the ocean and their ultimate goal is to stop plastic reaching the ocean within a generation. If you want to go one step further in the fight against plastic pollution, it is suggested to donate 1% of sales from your Plastic Free Beauty offering on June 17th to this worthy cause.

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