Earth healing: Thanks to lockdown

Since lockdown, we can see the world is healing. The many environmental issues that plague our hearts and minds are slowly but surely reducing as we take this time to stay home and stay safe. But then we need to ask ourselves, is our previous version of “normal” worth returning too? Maybe we should embrace a new normal – one that cares for the environment and our planet wholeheartedly. Here’s just a few things that have changed since lockdown has began:


Amazing scenes in Venice where the water has cleared thanks to the lack of tourists…you can even see the seaweed & fish! Beaches and oceans are cleaner due to the lack of waste and public passing, lets work together to keep it this way.



Animals have taken this opportunity to roam free on our streets, with the lack of human movement during lockdown. This has meant some really incredible shots but equally reminds us that this is their natural habitat, first and foremost and we must look after all creatures.


Over lockdown there was a global drop in co2 emissions, and the decline shows how far there is to go to curtail greenhouse gases over the long term. With people abandoning their vehicles and rush hour for a WFH lifestyle, it’s easy to see why there is a drop. But this only shows how hard we will have to work to decrease global co2 emissions in our new normal.

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