Sustainable Christmas Shopping

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In the middle of the Black Friday madness, it can be decidedly difficult to remember to shop sustainably. We’ve compiled a few of our favourite brands who are killing the sustainability game.


Maykher is a site that has all your go-to sustainable beauty supplies, candles, seasonal greeting cards, jewelry, fashion accessories, purses, wallets and more. In addition to selling eco-friendly products, 10% of Maykher’s annual profits go to educating young women and girls. 


The new sustainable brand on the block, selling everything from activewear to fibre wash bags. Sustainable has never been so fashionable. High-performance, flattering and affordable, with material made from plastic bottles & factory offcuts.


AYM Studio is a clothing brand that produces  Ethically made clothing that transcends seasons with investment pieces..The pieces are Made in England to the highest quality. AYM Studio are “passionate about creating garments that will make you feel incredible every time you wear them.” 


Kickass Irish hairtech & haircare brand that’s taking the industry by storm. 90% plastic-free, organic + up to 97% natural, vegan + cruelty-free. Complete with no parabens/perfumes/SLES/SLS/mineral oil. As good for your hair as it is for the environment! With it’s signature aluminium packaging, it’s sure to stand out from the crowd. 

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