Top Tips for Bathroom Recycling

we are paradoxx plastic free beauty day bathroom recycling tips

Statistics reveal that at least 40% of people don’t recycle in their bathroom, but do recycle in their kitchen. Beauty and skincare are a large amount of the overall problem, which is why we’re so passionate about #PlasticFreeBeauty!

So overall, 30,000 tonnes of recyclable bathroom waste needlessly ends up in landfill every year. This is an easily avoidable amount of waste that pollutes our earth every single year. With simple changes that incentivise bathroom recycling, that can help the planet and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Although some bathroom products, such as children’s nappies and wipes cannot be recycled there are lots of bathroom packaging that can be recycled. Things from toilet roll tubes to shampoo bottles can all be recycled – so check before you chuck!

we are paradoxx bathroom recycling tips

Top Tip #1: Place a separate bin in your bathroom for recycling all your self-care products. This will make recycling in your bathroom more accessible and easier to manage. If you’re an American reader, when you purchase products from CVS, you get a free bathroom recycling bin! 

Top Tip #2: Another way to help your bathroom habits is to shop more consciously. So when you’re picking up your favourite beauty bits and pieces, check for the recycle logo! For more information on the different recycling-friendly logos on products, recycle now provide a symbol bible – super useful!

Top Tip #3: For items that can’t be traditionally recycled, swap these for a more socially conscious option. For instance, we’re advocates for swapping out your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo alternative. You can find a whole host of bamboo toothbrushes like this.

Top Tip #4: If you simply can’t recycle – REUSE! For instance, We Are Paradoxx have aluminium packaging that will look stunning & no one will know it’s original use. Why not reclaim the Game Changer Hair Mask as a jewellery box or pop it in your bag to carry smaller items!

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