Top Sustainable Influencers to Follow

plastic free beauty day sustainable influencers to follow

With more and more people dedicated to living a sustainable, zero waste lifestyle its unsurprisingly opened the flood gates, with sustainable influencers paving the way for everyone. We’ve handpicked some of our favourite sustainable living Instagram accounts that are sure to inspire your new eco-friendly lifestyle!

Tippi Thole is dedicated to living sustainably – influencing one tiny trash can at a time! This is a fantastic concept which helps to reduce one weeks worth of waste into – you guessed it – a tiny trash can. A great challenge to try and way to consciously  make sustainable choices, like buying less, avoiding plastic and eliminating food waste where possible. But this isn’t the only advantage, Tippi confesses “I’m saving money and living healthier whilst lowering my environmental footprint in the process.”

Facts, eco-friendly hacks and inspiring author Kathryn Kellogg keeping us all on the straight, narrow and sustainable path. Kathryn is passionate about her zero-waste lifestyle and urges her followers not only to look at the bigger picture, but also to do whatever THEY can. If you’d like some inspiration give Kathryn’s book “101 ways to go Zero Waste” a go!

Shakespeare’s words “though she be but little, she is fierce” seem to fit nicely when considering Greta Thunberg. At only 16, she has quite literally taken the world by sustainability storm, rallying hundreds of thousands of people against climate change. Keep up to date with all Greta’s campaigns on instagram – if she won’t inspire you, we don’t know what will!

Meet Immy, Founder of @lowimpactmovement, climate activist, vegan and all round inspiring female. When Immy isn’t campaigning you can find her handing out some ethical, low impact living inspiration on her Instagram. 

Having amassed 129,000 followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say The Sustainable Collective are doing something right. For some top tips and tricks (that we never even thought of!) keep an eye on their Instagram! From DIY toothpaste to plastic free pantry inspo, there is something for everyone. 

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